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TITLE: Nineveh
SIZE: 30X48
CIRCA: 2020
Installed in gold floater frame.

When you think of the name Nineveh what is the first thing that comes to your mind? The Bible story of Jonah, right? You know the guy that ran from God and was thrown off the ship only to be swallowed by a giant fish. But there is a whole part of the Jonah and the whale story we mustn't miss. Nineveh isn't remembered today for what it was once known. Today, the city of Nineveh is remembered for something far greater than anything the people could have ever built.

At that time Nineveh was known as a great city - hustling and bustling. So great a city it was also known everywhere in the land just by the mentioning of its name. All of the people living within the walls of this man made kingdom knew its greatness! Named after a deity, it was a proud city. While the city had grown successfully, the people of the city had grown in rebellion against God. And God knew it. So, he sent an ordinary man named Jonah to deliver a message of repentance.

The story of Nineveh's people is not much different than people in today's time. So many of us want to be remembered for our own greatness. While the Nineveh people thought they were building a story of greatness that would be told for centuries, God was about to build a better story -- one that will never end. In the Scripture the message of repentance, obedience and salvation is written for them and us so that we understand God’s mercy. He loves us so much He sent a messenger encouraging His people to repent and turn towards a new life in Him. Ninevah today is remembered because of what God did at a moment in their history. This message of hope has lived on from generation to generation.

Jonah is a foreshadowing of Christ.

(Let me invite you to spend time in God's Word Matthew 12:38-42)

Penned His presence,
Glenn and Heather Lamp


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