Meet G - Artist of the Sea


God spoke, “Swarm, Ocean, with fish and all sea life… It was evening, it was morning, day five.”  Genesis 1:20

Born and raised in San Diego, California, Glenn's love for the sea and art has always been a part of his life. From a very early age, he would sit quietly by his artist mother while watching her create beautiful things from the work of her hands. One day, when Glenn was at the young age of twelve, he picked up a few colored pencils to create something beautiful of his own. As he began to draw, it was then that his passion to create was ignited and he knew God created him an artist. Attending a local community college, Glenn studied graphic design and went on to work with a large publishing company in Charlotte, NC. Shortly after his marriage to Heather, she encouraged him to leave the cubicle life and go out on his own. She knew he was made for more! Glenn Lamp Studios opened in 2000 providing commission art to the area's top designers, business owners, and high-end home market. In 2011 Glenn went on his first missions trip to Guatemala and it was on that trip Glenn's heart posture turned back towards his first love -- God. After some time in prayer and reflection, Glenn closed GLS. Along with his bride, they turned what was a secondary living room into a new space for Glenn to create whatever was on his heart. Named by Heather's younger brother, Todd D., Day Five Art was birthed during this time of deep trust, praying and painting in the quiet presence of God. In 2015 he and his wife sold nearly everything and made another big faith move to open their first gallery -- Day Five Art Gallery. Today, Glenn is a full-time artist in Emerald Isle, NC, and soul grateful that God called him out on the deep waters of faith to paint sealife in colors of glory. He calls it "Gospel Art with God colors" -- providing a way for him to share the good news through the stories of each piece. "The work of my own hands is an admiration of the Master’s hands and the work he completed on the fifth day." says artist Glenn Lamp. "It's what we are all created to do --- worship --- with whatever gift God has given to us."

Glenn's paintings consist of fauvism work. Influenced by sea life, nature, new color combinations and more importantly his spiritual walk, all of these elements are in each piece.


  • 2018 Summerville, SC Flowertown Festival
  • 2017 The Inn at Pine Knoll Shores - Hotel Artist
  • 2017 Jacksonville Beach Art Show
  • 2017 NC Aquarium at Pine Knoll Shores - Live painting artist for annual BOD
  • 2017 Baku II Restaurant, Waikiki Beach, Hawaii
  • 2016 KWLA Big Rock Artist, Morehead City, NC
  • 2016 Caribsea Restaurant, Emerald Isle, NC
  • 2016 Futo Buta Restuarant Charlotte, NC
  • 2016 The Tree House Restaurant, Charlotte NC
  • 2015 North Charleston City Hall Solo Exhibition
  • 2015 Grand Opening Day Five Art Gallery Emerald Isle, NC
  • 2014 Charleston South Eastern Wildlife Exhibit
  • 2014 Baku Restaurant, Charlotte NC
  • 2014 All American Sports Pub, Charlotte NC
  • 2013-2017 SC Aquarium, Charleston, SC Sea Life Under Starlight Gala