Title: Warhorse/SOLD

Size: 16x20
Medium: Acrylic
Circa: 2020

A few years ago I penned a quick sketch of a seahorse securing himself to an anchor. I had the inclination there was something extra special about this one as the title "Warhorse" bubbled up in my heart. I also knew it wasn't yet time to paint it. So, I did what I've done many times before. I set the sketch aside and quickly moved on to pen the next one in my head. I never spoke about the name of the piece to anyone, including Heather. Three years later my bride penned a short devotion yesterday that God placed on her heart for Palm Sunday. As I sat across the table listening to her read the story to me, I knew the time to paint my version of "Warhorse" had finally come. Grabbing a blank canvas, I pull out the old sketch and painted my newest piece.

Heather and I both agree that our two versions of "Warhorse" are better together. Kinda like us! 

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  • Dianna Patrick on

    I bought this piece yesterday at the Jekyll Island Shrimp and grits festival. I’m so happy to read the story and I’m proud to have this guy in my collection.
    It’s a beautiful painting and brings a smile to my face.
    Thank you


    Met you at the lazy daze festival, bought a smaller version of warhorse from you. Your website has so inspired me. Like you God has given me inspiration on many of my paintings and stained glass pieces. As I am reading your stories I keep saying to him I want to do this. Thank you for being such an inspiration and do more with the gift God has blessed us with. I loved how your wife made us feel like she knew us. God bless

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