Day Five Art Gallery


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MEDIUM: Acrylic, Silver Frame
SIZE: 24X30

I took my time on this piece. I would work on it a bit then let it rest. Return and work on it some more then let it rest again. After a couple of years I finally finished “GLORIOUS” a couple of weeks ago and dressed it in white frame yesterday. It’s ready for a new home.

This lengthy project reminds me of how my life has been much the same with God - the Creator of everything. When I gave my heart and life to Him His work began in me. He works a little bit then rest — works on me some more then rest — work on me some more then rest — it’s my sanctification process. And when His work is done - only because of Christ grace, love, and very undeserving mercy - I will finally be dressed sinless and pure once and for all. This gift of sanctification comes automatically with salvation. It’s available to all. Isn’t that GLORIOUS!

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