SIZE: 24X24
Do you know the Gindai fish story? This colorful Hawaiian bottom fish is in the snapper family. They swim the indo-Pacific waters up to depths of 1000 feet. Cool fact! The color red is a short wavelength which is the first segment of the visible light spectrum. As visible light decreases in the water, red and yellow are the first two colors that will disappear. This fish, vivid in colors red and yellow, will begin to blend into its surroundings the deeper in the water it travels. However, as the fish surfaces coming closer to the sunlight its colors are at its most vivid point. Upon learning about this fish it reminded me of our personal relationship with God. The further we wander away from the light of Christ, the more we blend in with the world. However, the closer we remain to the light of Christ, the more vivid we must be in His sight!
I have come as Light into the world, so that everyone who believes in Me will not remain in darkness. John 12:46
* To the best of my ability as an artist, I painted this fish to mimic the same effects at two different depths. The first photo is the fish in its natural state showing all the colors one might see when surfaced and closest to sunlight. The second picture was taken underneath a blue light showing how it might appear below 100 ft. depth of water - blending in to the surroundings.

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