One and Only

On our way back from Key West, Heather and I enjoyed a day visit at one of the waterfront state parks in The Upper Keys. What was once an operational two level bridge for vehicles now stands as only a portion of the bridge. Today, visitors come to enjoy an extraordinary view of the endless backdrop of aqua blue water.

To see the extraordinary view meant that one must hike a rocky path with typical Florida vegetation on both sides. As we made our way up the incline, I noticed a small bird resting inside a bush like tree. A tree that was unlike any other tree on the hill. A tree with all of its branches pointing in the same direction from the constant winds that blow through them. A tree deeply rooted after many storms. A tree serving as a hiding place for God's creation. It was on our way to see the extraordinary up ahead that God reminded me - extraordinary is also found on the rocky terrains of life's journey. And while the scenery of our life changes, Christ is and will forever remain the same.

He will forever be the "One and Only" Messiah.

All my best fishes,
G. Lamp, 2020

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