Weathering Storms - Finding Treasure in the Ruins
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Weathering Storms - Finding Treasure in the Ruins

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Only our Sovereign God could time the arrival of this specific book for today - the day Hurricane Isaisa is due to sweep over the Carolinas. šŸŒ€

A few months ago my beloved friend, Dr. Tope Keku invited me to read "Weathering Storms" then write a review. Here's what I wrote:
In the United States Military a Navy position held by few is the Skilled Rescue Swimmer. In order for a SRS to earn the privilege to jump into the stormy waters with the aim and hope of surviving, one must master four core skills; Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape. As Christians, we must learn and master the same life skills with Biblical application.

Dr. Keku has extended to each reader of her book "Weathering Storms" a lifebouy of Biblical knowledge and insight from her own personal journey. Each story helps navigate us through our own storms with trust, grace, and confidence. All the while, resting in the truth that God is with us.

In due time the student becomes the teacher. As Christians living in a fallen world we have ample opportunity to become a kind of SRS for Christ as we learn from the One who once walked on water and calmed the raging seas. Skilled Rescuers Spiritually are positions also held by few. My friend, Dr. Keku, is one of the them.

May this book encourage all of us to learn and master the Biblical skills of a SRS. To know that we have a deeper soul purpose for the glory of God. And to live a life willing to jump into the stormy waters of life that are filled with spiritual sinking ships; offering a spiritual lifebouy to those around us.

This is a book one will reach for often -- keep it close.
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