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This is a reproduction print with visible brushstrokes resembling an original. Each piece is finished with a protective gloss varnish.


“The Servant” This painting was inspired by the Scripture found in Philippians 2:7 and the story of Jesus taking on the job of a servant, like washing the feet of His friends after dinner in the upper room. The main subject matter in this painting is the Kole Surgeon Fish, not the turtle. The surgeon Fish, like the cleaner wrasse, goes around cleaning up sea creatures. The surgeonfish cleans the shell of the sea turtle while the cleaner wrasse enters inside the mouth of fish that would normally devour it and cleans the inside of the mouth and the gills from parasites. Christ does that for those who trust Him enough into the spaces of our own lives that are hardest to reach and need cleaning the most. It is about trust and faith. Charles Spurgeon, the famous preacher from the 1800’’s, once gave an illustration because he had a couple of moments in his life where a man had come to mean harm to him with a knife. He was told about the one coming to do him harm and how he rejected him, didn’t trust him and was ready to defend against him. He also had talked about another man who came to him with a knife but he did the exact opposite. He let him actually cut him. Why because by the cutting he would be doing the healing. The other man meant good. The other man was a doctor. He relates all of this to the saving work of Jesus Christ in our life.

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