In The Waiting
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In The Waiting

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This is a reproduction print with visible brushstrokes resembling an original. Each piece is finished with a protective gloss varnish.

“In The Waiting” - “Be still and know that I am God.” PSALM 46:10

It was September of 2018 when Hurricane Florence made its way through the central coast of North Carolina and hit directly in the place we call home. A few days prior to its arrival, we packed up our entire lives and evacuate the island. Our plan was to head toward Florida. Our aim was to get as far away from the red zone on the NOAA app as possible. Florence was a massive storm and we knew the damage such a storm could make. Half way to Florida, my truck started overheating and traffic was bumper to bumper in a stand still on I-95. We decided to search for the closest campsite and found it was located right off the next exit. It just so happens that we never made it to Florida. Instead, we waited at that site for three weeks until the island reopened. In the waiting, I often found my thoughts wondering what was next. It was a time of deep spiritual testing for us when I painted this painting. In the times of our life when the storms come, when we are waiting on what to do next, we must ask God, “Where is my trust, Lord?” I asked Him this question a lot during the weeks that turned into months of waiting for Him to direct our path. I chose to be still, remembering the verse from Psalm 46:10. It is important we meditate on God's word daily. In doing so it becomes the spiritual compass to weather every storm with faith in one hand and God's truth in the other so we sail on knowing God’s timing has a purpose. We mustn't lose trust in that truth. When we do, we exalt ourselves rather than God.

Three hearts are hidden in this piece. Also, you will see three tentacles pointed upward toward the light. I also painted the painting with the tentacles of the creature not fully complete. This is all symbolic of our walk with Christ. (Phil. 1:6)

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