Caribsea Notebook
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Caribsea Notebook

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Perfect for school, work, journals, grocery list, and much more. The Day Five spiral notebook has 80 white lined pages with a calendar inside the front cover. Small enough to fit in most drawers and/or pocketbooks yet pretty enough to leave out anywhere!


Fun Fact: Did you know the Caribsea was sailing alone en route from Santiago, Cuba to Norfolk, VA. with a cargo of manganese. At 0200 EWT, she was struck by two torpedoes on the starboard side. The first hit the #2 hold and the second hit amidships. The ship sunk in less than 3 minutes. The crew was unable to launch any of the ship's lifeboats and jumped overboard. Only 7 of the 28 member crew managed to cling to the wreckage and survive the 10 hours in the water before they were picked up by the freighter SS Norlindo. It is reported that the U-158 circled the survivors during the night, shining a light in their direction before finally submerging. They were taken towards Cape Henry, VA before being transferred to a Coast Guard boat. Two months later, the Norlindo was sunk near the Dry Tortugas by the U-507.


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