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Billy is a native of Charleston, SC, and currently resides in James Island, SC. After receiving a Bachelor's Degree in International Business, he specialized in logistics and supply chain management, where day-to-day, he managed a team of 25+. In 2019, he went back to complete his MBA in Marketing from the College of Charleston. Currently, he works as the Marketing Specialist at Q4Launch, a hospitality marketing firm, where he leads B2B marketing initiatives to increase lead generation and brand awareness. When not working, he enjoys soaking up the beautiful Charleston weather on the golf course, or out on the water.



Host of Feathers Podcast &

Amy Bennett resides in Fort Mill, SC with her husband of 22 years, Scott Bennett, and their three teenage children. She works as a software developer for Wells Fargo and is the host of the faith-based podcast Feathers: Faith in Flight. She enjoys reading and spending time with family and friends. 




Senior Technician, GRIFOLS Therapeutics

I am the father of three amazing kids, a husband to one amazing woman, and a child of the Almighty.  My wife and I enjoy serving in our Church Youth group and I am also currently employed with GRIFOLS Therapeutics located in Clayton, N.C.  We work around the clock providing life-saving protein therapies for patients that are derived from donor's plasma proteins.  I have been in this field since 2009.  Prior to my time at GRIFOLS, I worked for Lowe's Home Improvement while attending College.  Prior to Lowe's I was in the U.S. Navy where I served as a Structural Mechanic on the Iconic F-14 Tom Cat (Think Top Gun). My favorite thing about serving in the Navy was all the amazing people I met and all the amazing places I was able to visit.  I am a graduate of Johnston Community College (AA) 2005 as well as a graduate of Wake Christian Academy in 1995.  I enjoy photography, music, sports, traveling, cooking, time with family and friends, encouraging others with God's Word and Loving others the way God has taught us.  I am generally optimistic and empathetic.  I love my family and I am forever grateful to God for His Enduring Love and Amazing Grace.  Proverbs 17:22 


Sergeant Major (Retired), United States Army

Ron is a native of Goldsboro, NC, and currently resides in Cedar Point, NC with
his wife of 31 years, Michelle and their dog Crash. They have two children
(Christiana and Drew) and four grandchildren. After serving over 30 years in the
United States Army, he chose to continue to work in the Human Resources arena
and accepted a job at Cherry Hospital, which is located in Goldsboro, NC, where
he has been serving as the Assistant Human Resources Manager for over 7 years.
Ron currently serves on the State Employees Credit Union Advisory Board at the
Caswell Street Branch, located in Goldsboro, NC. In addition, he and his wife are
local business owners of Shell’s Cottage Decor, located in Cedar Point, NC. When
he is not working, Ron loves to spend time with his wife and family, soaking up
the sunshine while they cruise the crystal coast on their boat.




Sales engineer, marketing professional, and business owner with participation in four small business startups, having 50+ years of diverse experience across a range of markets including automotive electronics, industrial power transmission manufacturing and distribution, and development of multi-state sales territories. Most recently leading a technical company providing electronic controls and equipment for the solid waste metal recycling industry.

John grew up in Sylvania, Ohio, a small bedroom community just west of Toledo. From the age of six, or so, he had his heart set on becoming an Electrical Engineer. Throughout his junior and high school years, in addition to his focus on math and science, he was musically active in choirs, orchestra, and marching band.

In 1970, he graduated with a degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, and began a career in the automotive field with the Dana Corporation. Early in his junior year at U of M, students in his dorm invited him to a Sunday evening Bible study complete with singing and testimonies. There a student explained God’s Plan of Salvation beginning with repentance of sin, acknowledgement of, belief in, and total dependence upon the death, burial, and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ, God’s divine son. Putting faith and trust in this Gospel for a personal salvation, that evening John committed his life to Jesus Christ and determined to follow Him.

Throughout his 50+ years as a Christ-follower John has considered himself as bi-vocational. Matthew 28:19-20 uses the phrase ‘as you go’ to signify your position in life at any given time. As a salesman of technical electronic equipment and having served as an elder, deacon, and teacher in several churches, John uses professional contact opportunities and Divine appointments to both solve customers’ engineering problems and to share the gracious saving grace of Jehovah God.

Saved by Grace Alone, through Faith Alone,

in Christ Alone, according to the Scriptures Alone,

to the Glory of GOD Alone.

Amen and Amen!




Daren Norris lives in Aurora, CO, with is wife Nicole, three children and several pets.  He works for the University of Colorado in a non-profit organization that provides short-term, evidence-based psychotherapy for veterans and their families. 

Daren received his psychology degree from Nova Southeastern University in FL in 2008 and relocated to Colorado for the first time with his wife and two dogs.  From there, he joined the Navy as a psychologist.  Along with his wife they moved to San Diego where he went on his first deployment onboard the USS RONALD REAGAN (CVN-76) in 2011.  They later moved to Camp Lejuene, NC, where he later deployed to Camp Leatherneck in Southwest Afghanistan in 2013-2014.  While deployed, he worked on mental health concerns of forward deployed combat Marines and Navy personnel.

The follow up duty station was in Rota, Spain.  While there, their third child was born with a metabolic condition which required them to return to the United States where Daren separated from the U.S. Navy.  

Their family activities include going to the mountains whenever possible, family sporing events like soccer or t-ball on the weekends and playing with the neighbors most nights of the week in the front of the house.  Furthermore, they love to visit Emerald Isle, NC, for their summer vacations and to reconnect with friends in the area.






Bliss Steele lives in Lancaster SC with his wife Jessica and their 17-year-old son and 5 dogs.  Bliss has worked with teenagers and adults for nearly 3 decades as pastor and chaplain in churches, schools and the corporate world.  Bliss is currently the Corporate Chaplain for Nutramax Laboratories in Lancaster SC, serving their 600 plus employees.  Bliss uses his unique experiences from growing up on the mission field traveling the world, to serving in the local church, along with his years as a dog trainer using dogs to combine biblical truths and practical application showing what it means to be in an obedient and dynamic relationship with Jesus Christ.






Born and raised in San Diego, California, the love for the sea and art has been a part of my life since as far back as I can remember. From a very early age, I began pencil drawings and my love to create began. After attending college on an art scholarship, I went on to work with a large publishing company in Charlotte, NC. Shortly after getting married, I took my first leap of faith in 2000 and started my own business, Glenn Lamp Studio, providing commission art to the area's designers, business owners, and high-end custom home market. Eleven years flew by and something was missing. It was during my first missions trip to Guatemala at the age of 44 that my heart posture turned back towards my first love -- God. Without Him, I now realize that nothing is whole. Day Five Art was slowly birthed during this time of broken, seeking, deep trust, praying and painting in the quiet presence of our maker.

In 2015, we sold nearly everything and together with my bride, we made a big faith move to open Day Five Art Gallery. Today, I am a full-time artist in Emerald Isle, NC painting sea life using bright and vibrant colors. It's not about the fish, it's about the story of a great fisherman, Jesus. My work is a vehicle that ushers me into a conversation allowing me to share the good news. When I am painting, I believe the work of my own hands is an admiration of the Creator and the work He completed on the fifth day during creation. With whatever gift God has entrusted to us, we should do that with all of our heart!

I choose to paint in a fauvism style. Influenced by sea life, nature, new color combinations and more importantly my personal time with God, all of these elements are in each piece.